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Type New Refurb Description
X307 1 Xtravert 7A, 230V Exchange
X309 1 Xtravert 9A, 230V Exchange
X702 3 Xtravert 2,5A 400V Exchange
X704-GM 3 Xtravert 4A 400V Washtec Exchange
X707 2 Xtravert 7A, 400V Exchange
Type New Refurb Description
X709 1 Xtravert 9A, 400V Exchange
X712 2 Xtravert 12A, 400V Exchange
X716 1 Xtravert 16A, 400V Exchange

Microdrive Elite

Type New Refurb Description
ME002C54 1 Microdrive Elite 2,5A,400V,IP54 Exchange
ME006C54 1 Microdrive Elite 6,5A,400V,IP54 Exchange
ME012C54 7 3 Microdrive Elite 12A,400V, IP54
ME016C54 2 Microdrive Elite 16A,400V, IP54, Exchange
ME018C20 1 Microdrive Elite 18A,400V, IP20, Exchange
ME018C54 6 Microdrive Elite 18A,400V, IP54, Exchange
ME022C20 2 Microdrive Elite 22,5A 400V, IP20 Exchange
Type New Refurb Description
ME022C54 4 Microdrive Elite 22,5A 400V, IP54 Exchange
ME031C20 1 Microdrive Elite 31A, 400V, IP20 Exchange
ME038C20 2 Microdrive Elite 38A, 400V, IP20
ME038C54 1 Microdrive Elite 38A, 400V, IP54 Exchange
ME046C54 1 Microdrive Elite 46A, 400V, IP54 Exchange

Ultradrive Elite

Type New Refurb Description
UE075C54 5 UE-75 Ultradrive 75A, 400V, IP54 Exchange
UE090C54 3 UE-90 Ultradrive 90A, 400V, IP54 Exchange
UE170C54 1 UE-170 Ultradrive 170A, 400V Exchange
UE210C54 1 UE-210 Ultradrive 210A, 400V, Exchange
UE250C54 1 UE-250 Ultradrive 250A, 400V Exchange
Type New Refurb Description
UE600MS 1 Mag Stirrer 600A, 500V
UE620C54 1 UE-620 Ultradrive 620A, 400V
UE660C54 1 UE-660 Ultradrive 660AA, 400V
UE700C54 1 UE-700 Ultradrive 700A, 400V