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Type New Refurb Description
ATV212HD22N4 1 ATV212 IP20 3x380-480V 22KW
Type New Refurb Description


Type New Refurb Description
ATV320U02M2B 1 ATV320, 0,18kW, 200...240V, 1-phasig, Buch
ATV320U02M2C 4 ATV320, 0,18kW, 200...240V, 1-phasig, Kompakt
ATV320U04M2B 1 ATV320, 0,37kW, 200...240V, 1-phasig, Buch
ATV320U04M2C 4 ATV320, 0,37kW, 200...240V, 1-phasig, Kompakt
ATV320U04N4B 3 ATV320, 0,37kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Buch
ATV320U04N4C 6 ATV320, 0,37kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Kompakt
ATV320U06M2B 2 ATV320, 0,55kW, 200...240V, 1-phasig, Buch
ATV320U06M2C 4 ATV320, 0,55kW, 200...240V, 1-phasig, Kompakt
ATV320U06N4B 3 ATV320, 0,55kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Buch
ATV320U06N4C 4 ATV320, 0,55kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Kompakt
ATV320U07M2B 5 ATV320, 0,75kW, 200...240V, 1-phasig, Buch
ATV320U07M2C 2 ATV320, 0,75kW, 200...240V, 1-phasig, Kompakt
ATV320U07M2W 1 ATV320, 0,75kW, 200...240V, 1-phasig, IP66
ATV320U07N4B 4 ATV320, 0,75kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Buch
ATV320U07N4C 2 ATV320, 0,75kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Kompakt
ATV320U07N4W 2 ATV320, 0,75kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, IP66
ATV320U11M2B 4 ATV320, 1,1kW, 200...240V, 1-phasig, Buch
ATV320U11M2C 3 ATV320, 1,1kW, 200...240V, 1-phasig, Kompakt
ATV320U11N4B 4 ATV320, 1,1kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Buch
ATV320U11N4C 2 ATV320, 1,1kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Kompakt
ATV320U15M2B 2 ATV320, 1,5kW, 200...240V, 1-phasig, Buch
Type New Refurb Description
ATV320U15M2C 6 ATV320, 1,5kW, 200...240V, 1-phasig, Kompakt
ATV320U15N4B 7 ATV320, 1,5kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Buch
ATV320U15N4C 2 ATV320, 1,5kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Kompakt
ATV320U15N4WS 1 ATV320, 1,5kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, IP66 HS
ATV320U22M2B 2 ATV320, 2,2kW, 200...240V, 1-phasig, Buch
ATV320U22M2C 9 ATV320, 2,2kW, 200...240V, 1-phasig, Kompakt
ATV320U22N4B 2 ATV320, 2,2kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Buch
ATV320U22N4C 4 ATV320, 2,2kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Kompakt
ATV320U30N4B 3 ATV320, 3kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Buch
ATV320U30N4C 6 ATV320, 3kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Kompakt
ATV320U40N4B 5 ATV320, 4kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Buch
ATV320U40N4C 3 ATV320, 4kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Kompakt
ATV320U55N4B 4 ATV320, 5,5kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Buch
ATV320U55N4C 2 ATV320 5,5kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Kompakt
ATV320U75N4B 4 ATV320, 7,5kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Buch
ATV320U75N4C 4 ATV320 7,5kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Kompakt
ATV320D11N4B 5 ATV320, 11kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Buch
ATV320D11N4C 4 ATV320, 11kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Kompakt
ATV320D15N4B 5 ATV320, 15kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Buch
ATV320D15N4C 3 ATV320, 15kW, 380...500V, 3-phasig, Kompakt


Type New Refurb Description
ATV340U07N4 1 ATV340, 0,75kW, 380…480V, 3-phasig
ATV340U07N4E 1 ATV340, 0,75kW, 380…480V, 3-phasig, Ethernet
ATV340U55N4 1 ATV340, 5,5kW, 380…480V, 3-phasig
ATV340U55N4E 1 ATV340, 5,5kW, 380…480V, 3-phasig, Ethernet
ATV340U75N4 1 ATV340, 7,5kW, 380…480V, 3-phasig
ATV340D11N4E 1 ATV340, 11kW, 380…480V, 3-phasig, Ethernet
Type New Refurb Description
ATV340D15N4 2 ATV340, 15kW, 380…480V, 3-phasig
ATV340D15N4E 1 ATV340, 15kW, 380…480V, 3-phasig, Ethernet
ATV340D22N4E 1 ATV340, 22kW, 380…480V, 3-phasig, Ethernet
ATV340D45N4E 1 ATV340, 45kW, 380…480V, 3-phasig, Ethernet


Type New Refurb Description
ATV630U07N4 4 IP21 0,75kW 380-480V
ATV630U07N4Z 2 IP21 0,75kW 380-480V No Display
ATV630U15N4 3 IP21 1,5kW 380-480V
ATV630U22N4 2 IP21 2,2kW 380-480V
ATV630U30N4 2 IP21 3kW 380-480V
ATV630U40N4 2 IP21 4kW 380-480V
ATV630U55N4 5 IP21 5,5kW 380-480V
ATV630D15N4 2 IP21 15kW 380-480V
ATV630D18N4 2 IP21 18kW 380-480V
ATV630D22N4 3 IP21 22kW 380-480V
ATV630D37N4 2 IP21 37KW 380/480V
Type New Refurb Description
ATV630D45N4 2 IP21 45KW 380/480V
ATV630D55N4 1 IP21 55kW 380-480V
ATV630D75N4 1 IP21 75kW 380-480V
ATV630D90N4 1 IP21 90kW 380-480V
ATV630C11N4 1 IP21 110kW 380-480V
ATV630C13N4 1 IP21 132kW 380-480V
ATV630C16N4 1 IP21 160kW 380-480V
ATV630C22N4 1 IP21 220kW 380-480V
ATV630C25N4 1 IP21 250kW 380-480V
ATV630C31N4 1 IP21 315kW 380-480V


Type New Refurb Description
ATV650U15N4 1 IP55 1,5kW 380-480V
ATV650U22N4 1 IP55 2,2kW 380-480V
ATV650U30N4 1 IP55 3kW 380-480V
ATV650U40N4 1 IP55 4,0kW 380-480V
ATV650U55N4 1 IP55 5,5kW 380-480V
ATV650U75N4 1 IP55 7,5kW 380-480V
ATV650D15N4 1 IP55 15kW 380-480V
ATV650D15N4E 1 IP55 15kW 380-480V HS
Type New Refurb Description
ATV650D18N4 1 IP55 18kW 380-480V
ATV650D22N4 1 IP55 22kW 380-480V
ATV650D37N4 1 IP55 37kW 380-480V
ATV650D45N4 2 IP55 45kW 380-480V
ATV650D55N4 1 IP55 55kW 380-480V
ATV650D75N4 1 IP55 75kW 380-480V
ATV650D90N4 1 IP55 90kW 380-480V


Type New Refurb Description
ATV930U07N4 5 IP21 0,75kW 380/480V
ATV930U15N4 1 IP21 1,5kW 380/480V
ATV930U22N4 2 IP21 2,2kW 380/480V
ATV930U30N4 2 IP21 3kW 380/480V
ATV930U40N4 2 IP21 4kW 380/480V
ATV930U55N4 1 IP21 5,5kW 380/480V
ATV930U75N4 2 IP21 7,5kW 380/480V
ATV930D11N4 1 IP21 11kW 380/480V
ATV930D15N4 3 IP21 15kW 380/480V
ATV930D18N4 2 1 IP21 18kW 380/480V
ATV930D22N4 2 IP21 22kW 380/480V
ATV930D30N4 4 1 IP21 30kW 380/480V
Type New Refurb Description
ATV930D37N4 1 IP21 37kW 380/480V
ATV930D45N4 2 IP21 45kW 380/480V
ATV930D55N4 1 IP21 55kW 380/480V
ATV930D75N4 1 IP21 75kW 380/480V
ATV930D90N4 2 IP21 90kW 380/480V
ATV930C11N4 1 IP00 110kW 380/480V
ATV930C13N4 1 IP00 132kW 380/480V
ATV930C16N4 1 IP00 160kW 380/480V
ATV930C22N4 1 IP00 220kW 380/480V
ATV930C22N4C 1 IP00 220kW 400/480V
ATV930C25N4C 1 IP00 250KW 400/480V