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Type New Refurb Description
ATV312H018M2 1 ATV312 IP20 1x200-240V 0,18KW
ATV312H037M2 3 ATV312 IP20 1x200-240V 0,37KW
ATV312H055M2 1 ATV312 IP20 1x200-240V 0,55KW
ATV312H055N4 1 ATV312 IP20 3x380-500V 0,55KW
ATV312H075M2 2 ATV312 IP20 1x200-240V 0,75KW
ATV312H075N4 3 ATV312 IP20 3x380-500V 0,75KW
ATV312HU11M2 1 ATV312 IP20 1x200-240V 1,1kW
ATV312HU15M2 2 ATV312 IP20 1x200-240V 1,5kW
Type New Refurb Description
ATV312HU22M2 1 ATV312 IP20 1x200-240V 2,2kW
ATV312HU22N4 2 ATV312 IP20 3x380-500V 2,2kW
ATV312HU30N4 1 ATV312 IP20 3x380-500V 3kW
ATV312HU40N4 1 ATV312 IP20 3x380-500V 4kW
ATV312HU75N4 1 ATV312 IP20 3x380-500V 7,5KW
ATV312HD11N4 1 ATV312 IP20 3x380-500V 11KW


Type New Refurb Description
ATV61HU15N4 1 ATV61 IP20 3x380-480V 1,5KW EXCHANGE
ATV61WU15N4 1 ATV61 IP54 1,5KW 3x380-480V
ATV61HU22N4 2 ATV61 IP20 3x380-480V 2,2KW, exchange
ATV61WU30N4CZH28 1 ATV61 IP54 MABG 3KW 3x380-480V Kl.B
ATV61HU40N4 1 ATV61 IP20 3x380-480V 4KW EXCHANGE
ATV61WU75N4 1 ATV61 IP54 3x380-480V 7,5kW
ATV61WD11N4 1 ATV61 IP54 3x380-480V 11kW, exchange
ATV61HD15N4 2 2 ATV61 IP23 3x380-480V 15KW
Type New Refurb Description
ATV61HD15N4Z 1 ATV61 IP23 3x380-480V 15KW
ATV61HD22N4Z 1 ATV61 IP20 3x380-480V 22KW
ATV61HD30N4 1 ATV61 IP23 3x380-480V 30KW
ATV61HD75N4 1 ATV61 IP20 3x380-480V 75KW
ATV61HD75N4Z 1 ATV61 IP20 3x380-480V 75KW Z
ATV61HC11N4 1 ATV61 IP20 3x380-480V 110KW
ATV61HC13N4 1 ATV61 IP20 3x380-480V 132KW


Type New Refurb Description
ATV71H075N4 3 ATV71 IP20 3x380-480V 0,75KW EXCHANGE
ATV71H075N4Z 3 ATV71 IP20 3x380-480V 0,75KW Z
ATV71HU15M3 1 ATV71 IP23 3x200-240V 1,5KW
ATV71HU15N4Z 12 ATV71 IP20 3x380-480V 1,5KW Z
ATV71HU22M3Z 1 ATV71 IP23 3x200-240V 2,2KW
ATV71HU22N4 1 ATV71 IP20 3x380-480V 2,2KW EXCHANGE
ATV71HU22N4Z 4 ATV71 IP20 3x380-480V 2,2KW Z
ATV71HU30N4Z 2 ATV71 IP20 3x380-480V 3KW Z
ATV71HU40N4 1 ATV71 IP20 3x380-480V 4KW EXCHANGE
ATV71HU40N4Z 4 ATV71 IP20 3x380-480V 4KW Z
ATV71HU75N4 1 ATV71 IP20 3x380-480V 7,5KW EXCHANGE
ATV71HU75N4Z 4 ATV71 IP21 3x380-480V 7,5KW Z
ATV71HD11N4 1 ATV71 IP23 3x400-480V 11KW, EXCHANGE
ATV71HD11N4Z 5 ATV71 IP23 3x400-480V 11KW Z
Type New Refurb Description
ATV71HD15N4 1 ATV71 IP20 3x400-480V 15KW EXCHANGE
ATV71HD15N4Z 3 ATV71 IP23 3x400-480V 15KW Z
ATV71HD18N4 1 ATV71 IP20 3x400-480V 18kW Refurbished
ATV71HD22N4Z 3 ATV71 IP23 3x400-480V 22KW Z
ATV71HD30N4 1 ATV71 IP20 3x380-480V 30KW EXCHANGE
ATV71HD37N4Z 1 ATV71 IP20 3x380-480V 37KW Z
ATV71HD45N4 1 ATV71 IP20 3x380-480V 45KW EXCHANGE
ATV71HD45N4Z 2 ATV71 IP20 3x380-480V 45KW Z
ATV71HD55N4Z 2 ATV71 IP20 3x380-480V 55KW Z
ATV71HD75N4 2 ATV71 IP20 3x380-480V 75KW Refurbished
ATV71HC13N4 1 ATV71 IP20 3x380-480V 130KW
ATV71HC16N4 2 ATV71 IP20 3x380-480V 160KW, EXCHANGE
ATV71HC40N4 1 ATV71 IP20 3x380-480V 400KW Refurbished